AM – MUSIC #OneMusicNation1 (Adventure Music Management), is a company consisting of Record Label and Entertainment company (Arts, Comedy, Drama etc) based in Nigeria, with offices in Lagos Nigeria and United States. It was founded in December 2016 by the Mr. Ifesinachi Okereke (CEO) and Kalu Reuben Dike as the (COO). The Label is home for recording artist such as Danny Kael and more to come. At AM – MUSIC, we believe that there are so many young Nigerians and Africans who have got all it takes to be BIG in the Entertainment Industry, but with limited resources to achieve exposure. We are exceptionally dedicated and ever ready to discovering these young and unknown talented Artists in Music, Arts, Comedy, Drama etc. and help them in managing their talents towards becoming a Mega – super star.

OUR MISSIONOur mission as a record label and an entertainment company is to build businesses that will help our clients achieve their highest dreams within the shortest period possible and to be listed amongst the top record label companies in Africa and the world at large.

OUR VISIONOur vision is to discover, manage and help upcoming Artists towards becoming stars and already established music artist to become mega–super stars.

OUR BUSINESS STRUCTUREThe fact that we are set to compete with other leading record label companies in Africa means we must build a business structure that can support our business goals ranging from getting the best instruments ever; to hiring the best and competent hands to man the day to day activities of the company thereby creating a platform for the grassroots, underserved and unexposed to explore and discover their real talents and to have a tremendous impact on their career in channelling and managing them towards becoming Mega-super-stars.

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Combining Strategy, Creative and Vibes into Music, We breathe life into the rhythm.

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Our vision is to discover, manage and help upcoming Artists towards becoming stars and already established music artist to become mega–super stars.

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Adventure Music Management Nigeria, Combining Strategy, Creative and Vibes into Music, we breathe life into the rhythm.

At AM-Music we believe that there are many young Nigerians and Africans who have got the talent to hit it big in the entertainment industry, but have limited source of income, exposure, that is why we have decided to stand up and give the Nigerian talent an opportunity.


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Mr. Ifesinachi Okereke a renowned Nigerian entrepreneur and a Robotics Engineer based in United States, knowing fully well there are so many talented young Nigerians that have the ability to make it big in Nigerian/African entertainment industry with little or no resources for exposure. "Our Big Vision is discovering and managing them towards attaining their dreams of becoming a Mega Super Star."

Mr. Ifesinachi OkerekeAM - Music CEO and President

Mr. Kalu Reuben Dike, the COO of AM – Music Nigeria is a result driven and well-rounded person and management professional, recognized for his strong analytical skills and proven adaptability to produce in fast paced environment. He hails from Ndi Oji Abam, Arochukwu LGA in Abia state -Nigeria. From birth fell in love with music and have played instruments in churches and ever since have had this urge to explore with that burning zeal in music industry.

Mr. Kalu Reuben DikeAM - Music COO and Vice President

Mr Obayomi Mathew The AM Music NG Music Manager, is a prominent Nigeria entrepreneur and a talented personality based in Lagos Nigeria a role model who as a perception of creating opportunities that will advance the career and dreams of up coming artist..

Mr. Obayomi MathewAM Music Artist Manager

Mr. Obinna Williams Isiguzo hails from Imo state. The C.E.O of Isco Designer Collections, is a fashion designer that specialises in Fashion Attires, Branding Artists Wardrobe, Consultant Fashionista and Creative Management. He is guided towards talent discovery, building and preparing the youth to be able to withstand the challenges of the new age. He has successfully worked with upcoming Models and artist from the likes of Orezi, TDM records and some other upcoming Artists.

Mr. Obinna Williams IsiguzoAM Music Fashion Designer